Decor Rental Process

Below you will find the key steps in the process of renting decor for your event. 

  1. Get inspired… This is our favorite part! If you haven’t already check out our portfolio and browse our pinterest boards. Start making a wish list of ideas that you would like to have. See our Design Catalogue, and remember that you are not limited to just these items we will also source items not listed.
  2. Initial Contact: Please fill out the form on our Contact us page. This will help us determine the key elements such as the date of your event and how to best accommodate your needs. Once we have established that we have the date available we will send you a questionnaire to get a bit more information about your event.
  3. Questionnaire: We will send you a detailed Questionnaire to get more information about your event.  We ask a lot of questions! This is so that our quotes are complete and accurate as well as help prepare us for our meeting together.
  4. Coffee Date: We prefer meeting our clients in person so we can go over all the details, show color samples, better understand your style, and understand your expectations.
  5. Estimate:  Once you have selected all your desired details, we will compile an estimate. We are completely transparent, we don’t conceal anything. Listed separately are the individual rental items, delivery, labor, setup, applicable taxes and any other requested services. At this point it is just an guideline. We will get exact numbers from you 2 weeks prior to your event.
  6. Deposit & Contract: Along with the estimate, an electronic contract will be included. Upon the approval of the estimate you will be asked to review and sign the contract. In order to retain your order a 50% deposit is required.
    The deposit is to be paid via Credit Card, email money transfer or Cash. Credit card payments are available, subject to a 3% administration fee.
  7. Verify Counts & Final Payment: Two weeks prior to your event we will contact you to confirm numbers and make any adjustments to your final invoice. Final Invoice is due at this time.
    The electronic invoice is to be paid via credit card, an email money transfer or  Cash. Credit card payments are available, subject to a 3% administration fee.
  8. 1 Week prior to event: We will call to discuss pickup/delivery instructions, verify times and confirm location(s).
  9. Delivery/Pickup: As per the contract, items will be available based on the agreed upon terms. We ask that if there are any discrepancies in your order that you contact us immediately. Please allow us the opportunity to fix any issues before your event. While we pride ourselves on superior quality, unforeseen issues can arise, and given the opportunity, we will do anything we can to correct any issues.
  10. Return: Please return rental items as per details in the contract. If you have missing or damaged items upon return, you will be informed as soon as possible after your event. If any missing items can be located after the event, we ask that you try to return them within 48 hours.
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