How you could use your Quarantine time to plan your wedding!

Stuck at home? Why not use this to your advantage to make a huge dent in your wedding planning checklist. Here are some suggestions we have:

No doubt you likely have some extra time on your hands right now. And possibly stuck inside with your soon to be spouse! Why not put that extra time to good use by planning your big day? However probably easier said then done with what is going on around the world today. With most non-essential business shut down during this most of your vendors will be too.

With a shift in the rules almost daily most of our industry vendors that would normally love to meet you in person have shifted to phone call and virtual interactions. For example, in a situation where you would normally meet your designer to discuss final design ideas, see mock-ups and go over colors, now you might catch up and be able to see those ideas on a video chat. The plus side to all this is an appointment that would have normally just been a quick phone call can now translate into a meaning interaction via Video Chat. We are all craving that social interaction with someone other than the person in the room, am I right? And this way couples then get to ?see? their vendors more than they normally would in a more current reality. Most vendors are more willing and sympathetic to doing whatever they can to accommodate you as a couple right now.

While the situation is less than ideal, couples can use this newfound extra time together to check off tasks from their wedding planning checklist together. Decisions that you were putting off because you hadn?t had time to discuss them or you thought you would have to make yourself cause your spouse let you take the lead?well, now?s the time and are home together. This is the time to catch up or even get ahead!

These are some great ways to get ahead with your planning:

Thinking of having a Signature Drink or Two?

You may have a few mixes in the cupboard but if not liquor stores are still considered essential service giving you the opportunity to pick up a few and try out some of your favourites. It?s a great time to have a little fun with your fianc? researching some fun mix ideas on Pinterest, try them out and give them some cool names. Really no better time then the present.

Are you writing your own vows?

Maybe the two of you haven?t even had this conversation yet if your wedding is a ways out, but if you and your future spouse are planning on writing your vows now is a great time to do so. Many of couples leave this piece of their wedding until the last minute, which can put added stress on the days prior. Writing your vows is often overlooked or thrown out because of time constraints. This can be a crucial and important part of your day. Plus, I am sure with all the new things you are learning about each other during this time it will be quite easy and natural to put into words. Lol.

Get your playlist together!

They say that music can increase your happiness and boost your mood. What a better way to do so than getting your playlist ready for your wedding. Not unlike smells (like a certain perfume) Music and trigger memories. The songs you pick with resonate with memories that you will want to have forever. There?s really no better time like the present to start brainstorming which music you?d like to play at your wedding. Consider which songs you might want to play for your ceremony, entrance and even first dance. It is also good to consider the songs you absolutely don?t want played at your wedding?those are important too! Not only is it a good idea to pick your songs but get up and moving too. Why not try out that first dance? Or have a video dance with your bridal party?

Work on those details?

There are usually many little items on your to do list that wait until a snowy or rainy weekend. Some that maybe you are dreading doing? Or possibly you are looking to add some personal touches via a DIY project. This is a fantastic time to work on them. Consider leaving your date of any of those items just in case. Now is also a great time to update your wedding website and/or send out an email to your guests. Keeping them updated with any new information you might be thinking of in regard to your wedding plans will curb any anxiety they might have also.

Take this as a break, too.

Even though you have more time, try not to make all your extra time about planning your wedding. I know this is common advice we give to couples in regular circumstances but consider it more crucial now! You and your fianc? are most likely together 24/7 right now, spending that time talking wedding could easily get overwhelming and exhausting so make sure to set aside specific time to tackle some tasks and the remainder of the time to just enjoy each other, because that really what it?s all about!?

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