Should you go with Trendy or Traditional in your wedding Style?

There are just so very many options out there now in the way of wedding styles. And if that wasn?t enough you can spend hours upon hours on Pinterest sourcing different ideas for your wedding. The most important thing is sifting through all of them to put together a cohesive style that suits both you as a couple and your theme. Part of that is deciding whether to go trendy or traditional. So, to help simplify things, let?s make two basic categories: trendy or traditional. Trendy weddings feature all the hottest themes from boho and garden party to more modern. Whereas traditional weddings follow a standard set by generations past. Trendy weddings will get your guests talking and make a memorable impression, and a more traditional wedding will be a timeless event that pays tribute to our heritage and will age better in photos and video.  So which style of wedding should you lead with at your wedding?


  • You enjoy living in the ?now?
  • You consider yourself a trend setter
  • You don?t care what others think
  • You love keeping up with the hottest trends in all areas of your life
  • You want your wedding to stand out from all the rest


  • Time-honored traditions play a superior role in your life
  • Religion and/or Culture play a vital part for you as a couple
  • You don?t want to ?date? your wedding and photos with trends that fade shortly after you have been married.
  • You?re want your family and friends to have a good time and are concerned with what they may think with a less traditional style.

Now you don?t need to clearly fall into either one of these styles completely, you can always blend the two-which is what most couples do. You?ll likely find that your tastes as a couple will veer closer to one style or the other with hints of just a few from the second style. Really in the end all that matters is that you went with a style that you together will love most!

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