How to tell your guests your postponing your wedding.

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If you are thinking of or must postpone your wedding, we have provided you with a few suggestions to share with your guests to help spread the word to your guests.

While we completely understand that postponing your wedding is never an ideal scenario, it does unfortunately happen and in this case an unavoidable situation. If your wedding plans have recently changed because of the current situation going on around us, it?s important to notify your wedding guest of the news and keep them as updated with as much detail as you can as soon as possible. You may still be deciding on a new date/location, regardless you?ll want to tell your guests what?s going on and reassure them that you?ll continue to share information as you can.

If your original wedding date is less than two months away, working withing the current social distancing requirements sending your guests emails and texts are quickest way to make an announcement. Thankfully this way is an inexpensive alternative also. If you feel that the idea of sending one massive announcement is a bit overwhelming you could also break it down into groups, such as friends, work colleagues, and relatives. You could also share those details on Facebook or Instagram?consider using the ?Close Friends? feature to limit the message to only your followers who are currently on your guest list. 

Finally, if you have a wedding website you should update this as soon as possible if not before you let your guests know in other ways. Also make sure to update the new date, location, and any other information guest may need to know. Details such as hotel or travel may need to be changed based on your new information. If your new date happens to be several months out and you had already printed your original invites, you can now spend the time to reprint your save the dates and/or wedding stationery based on your budget or keep with more digital information until things settle.

Below we have provided you with some announcement wording examples to notify your guests depending on the situation you are in.

1. Updating your wedding website, but do not yet have a new date:

Even if you?re still working out all the details, you can still notify your loved ones about your decision. Making sure a message to your guests on your website is front and center should be one of the first things you do before notifying them of what?s going on. Your guests may not have even had the chance yet to get to see your beautiful website if you haven?t started your stationery process so this might be first time they are getting a glimpse into what you have planned for your wedding day. Making sure that you have the most accurate and up to date information on there will be very important. It will also be especially great for any last-minute decisions.

Our plans have changed, but our love remains! We have made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding until it is safe to celebrate in style. We do not have a new date set just yet, but once we do you will be the first to know! We can?t wait to celebrate with you once this is all behind us. Additional information about our wedding will be added here as soon as we confirmed it. Stay Safe. Annibelle and Kendrick.

2. Sending new save-the-dates:

If your wedding was originally scheduled to take place eight to twelve months from now, or if you are moving your wedding to the following year this is a good route to spread the news about your wedding change in the form of mail. Although you?re spreading the news about your wedding by mail, you should always update your wedding website as well. Here?s a suggestion on how to word it:

Change the date! Due to the current situation we have made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding until it is safe to celebrate with all of you. Please save our new date of May 15, 2021. Formal invitation to follow. We can not wait to celebrate with you. Annibelle and Kendrick. Additional information can be found on our website at

3. When you need to resend your invites:

If you have already sent out your invitations, which is usually done 3-4 months prior to your wedding, then most likely your wedding is in the bracket that may need to be postponed. Now if you are still looking to get married later this year you should personally notify your guests of the change as soon as possible. In this case you may have already used up your stationery budget so you could always stick to something a bit simpler or go the digital route. Ask your wedding stationer to use similar images or designs so that you can keep your wedding style on track. Now is not the time to confuse your guests with a whole different theme (unless of course you are changing your entire wedding from its original plan). Don?t forget to update your website with the same information.

If you are hosting your own wedding: 

We?ve made a change of plans! Due to the current pandemic we have had to postpone our wedding until we have the opportunity to celebrate with you in style! We have moved our date to July 17, 2021. Same time, Same place. Visit our wedding Website at for all the details. We look forward to celebrating with you. Stay safe. Annibelle and Kendrick

OR when your parents/family are hosting your wedding: 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith announce that the wedding of their daughter Annibelle to Mr. Kendrick Jones, has been postponed, and will now take place on Saturday, March 10th, 2021 at the ?Same location, ?same time?. Additional information can be found at

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