Micro Weddings!


Why you should think about keeping you original wedding date!

This is a day that you have ultimately been planning for an exceptionally long time. Maybe even since you were a kid. You have put much time and energy into everything from picking the date to those little touches that will make your day oh so special. And far be it for me to say what?s right in this crazy situation but hear me out. Yes, you may have had it all planned out and yes you were expecting to have 200+ guests to share in your magic. But what if, just what if you could have it another way.

When you started planning your wedding, I imagine that you most likely started with a Pinterest board and/or googling Ideas. As you may or may not found out along the way most of those ideas that you kept or shared to your board are stylized photo shoots to give you inspiration for your wedding. And when you started to dig into the concept of something that caught your eye such as those goblets you saw on the tables. You then found out that those goblets cost upwards of $8 a glass to buy or even $3 to rent. Now when you work that out to having 200 guests at your wedding you may or may not have felt comfortable with paying $600 – $1600 just for glasses. And most likely not something you had put into your budget.

Now fast forward to our current situation?your wedding is now an intimate gathering of your 10-12 closest most important people in attendance. You now no longer feel the rush while getting ready, as more time can be spent on less people. You get to spend the time taking more photos getting the shots that may have been missed due to time constraints or all the extended family group shots. Then maybe you change direction from your initial plan at a hall to a now romantic dinner out doors in your own back yard with additional elbow room. One that includes those 10-12 special people. A dinner that you can hear each others laughter from across the room, share childhood stories together, and magic moments of first dances. But you know what else your wedding can now include? Those goblets! Because what once was just a dream, or fairy-tale and possibly out of budget, is now only a rental cost $45! Your dream can now be your reality. Possibly you saw a gorgeous bouquet that you were absolutely drooling over but with the cost of your bridal party, ceremony and reception flowers maybe it just was not possible. Why not shift some of that budget into the bouquet of your dreams, showcased in your photos for years to come.

And when?..when your BIG party can resume again. Not only will we all rejoice (I know I am going to do my happy dance!) we are all going to CEL-A-BRATE! Your guests are not going to care much about what that looks like, because most importantly they are there to drink, dance, have fun and spend that time with you. Now if that?s changed or differed from it?s original plan because you decided to put some money out for your mirco wedding, because money got tight, or because you just wanted to, all of that is ok. It?s your day or day?s so it?s up to you to decide what that looks like.

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